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Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

I have taken a number of professional etiquette/work place seminars in college over the past few years, which have all benefited me greatly in one way or another.  These have ranged from: how to write a resume, to job interview skills & practice, to lectures given by the CEOs of Macy’s and The Home Depot.  These are valuable life skills and tidbits that even the seasoned worker can benefit from, as we can all get a bit rusty over time.  It’s also great to learn from others in varying industries about the lessons that they have learned in the workplace and elsewhere.

I found this TEDTalks given by the Harvard Business School Professor Amy Cuddy similar to those aforementioned.  It’s 21 minutes short, which may seem a bit long, but trust me it’s worth watching.  In the video Amy talks about how we can use “power posing” to shape ourselves to become more confident over time.  And not just in a strictly egotistical way, but by actually chemically altering our brains to become more confident to achieve what we want.  It’s based on some of her own reasearch findings, and it is something that I plan on practicing daily.


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